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Un komunidat ta fuerte i responsabel ora e ta pone nesesidat , bienestar i felisisdat di su muchanan sentral den tur desishon ku e tuma.



Meta: uni mayor i komunidat rondó di bienestar i selebrashon di nos muchanan

Kon: kreando aktividat kaminda e mayor ta partisipa i duna aporte positivo i saka kara di su yiu

  1. Mi tei:   simplemente dor di ta presente
  2. Skucha mi:  bini ku idea i perspektiva nobo
  3. Ata mi man:  saka un man yuda pa hasi un aktividat eksitoso
  4. Ban pa esaki: bini ku temanan ku nos por traha huntu riba dje i tambe ku por eduka nos muchanan den dje
  5. Mi por: partisipa ku loke e mayor ta bon den dje o den loke e ta gusta hasi
  6. Huntu: tuma parti na e enkuentronan; mi  komunidat ta fuerte
  7. Falta ahinda  : mi yiu tin mester di.... partisipa huntu, bisa kiko mester di dje pa huntu bini ku o krea solushon
  8. Gradisido:  selebra  logronan huntu




promote ..den e komunidat

brasa e kapasidatn pa inetrkambia i negosha

krea alisansa strategiko pa yuda nos muchanan


  • o team up  pa eksplora  community di etempu aki, ku e intenshon pa pone enfoke riba eksperensia i historia di e hendenan eksitoso di e bario ku por inspira kambio positivo i mustra e bon banda di e komunidat, ku hopibia nos no ta mira
  • Project Grow encourages self-sufficiency by tilling garden sites for interested residents on several reservations in the Northern Plains. NPRA then provides a variety of vegetable seeds plus supplies for tending the gardens (for partners who request them) such as work gloves, hats, and sunscreen.

    The fresh produce grown by Project Grow gardeners helps Native American families eat healthier foods and also save money on food bills. This allows them to stretch their family budgets to cover other necessities. Gardening also promotes healthy outdoor exercise

  • “Finding permanent, loving homes for children in foster care dramatically improves their opportunities and outcomes in life,” said City Commissioner Dan Saltzman. “The intergenerational model that Generations will use fosters healthy family dynamics, where elders live among adoptive families who can help nurture them, and in turn they are able to care for the children and families.”


“This new community represents years of hard work and collaboration among many,” said Thomas Brenneke, president of Guardian Real Estate Services. “It is an example of Guardian’s deep commitment to creative affordable housing concepts and the pursuit of public-private partnerships to make them happen.”

NAYA Generations’ permanent, community-supportive homes for vulnerable children in the foster care system prepares the next generation of Portland Native children for cultural, social, educational, and economic success.